MMS Online Education

Why Choose MMS Online Education

MMS online education adopts the best online educational practice in developing instructions. Prevailing technologies influence teaching and learning process, Digital technology is referred to as disruptive technology because it has changed the way we teach and learn. Every educational institution that want to remain relevant has included a form of e-learning in their academic program, the question today is not if online education is acceptable but whether it will render brick and mortar schools obsolete. 

MMS Online Education key selling points are:

1. Highly Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are well qualified and they hold Bachelor’s in Education, Master’s or Doctorate Degrees. Some are university Professors and they all have the passion to transfer knowledge. They all have years of classroom experience with the students’ grade levels they are teaching. All of them are state-certified teachers updating their knowledge by regularly participating in professional development programs either as resource persons or learners.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

MMS Online Education adhere to British GCSE  (General Certificate of Secondary Education). and  West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) core curriculum. In addition to the curriculum we impart what a child that is growing up in digital age should know; for example Coding, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT). Electric Vehicles, Drones etc.  

3. Well-designed instructions

Our teaching contents are designed with best of technologies so that learners need little or no support for deep understanding of the subject. Our activities include Text, Audio, Video, Simulations, Animations, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (VR), Group discussion, Virtual laboratories, Virtual library, Quizzes, Drills Formative and Summative assessment.   

4. Students can work Offline

One of the greatest challenges of online education in some countries is internet access. MMS Online Education has taken care of it. Our portal can automatically download all your instructions (lessons) for a whole year. Leaners need internet once in a while for teachers support and to submit assignments. Your mobile device automatically synchronizes with our portal any time there is internet access. 

5. Support

When you enroll with MMS Online Education you are not alone. Our leaning management system has communication tools which all the stakeholders in the school can use to communicate. The stakeholders are students, parents, coaches, teachers, head teachers, supervisors, and monitors. 

6. Disabled, ill or displaced students can go to school

Statistics has shown that a large number of school aged children can not attend traditional school due to certain challenges.  These challenges include but not limited to chronic illness, disability, insecurity, physical displacement, epidemic and more. MMS Online Education brings quality education to you wherever you are.

7. Rural dwellers

Schools in rural areas may find it difficult to attract highly qualified teachers and Up-to-date educational facilities to their villages MMS Online Education is a good alternative for such challenges we take high quality education to anywhere.

8. Gifted students

Many gifted students were known to have dropped out of school not because they were not passing their exam but because the school is too boring for them. Traditional schools force students to work at the same pace, in MMS Online Education students work at their pace, we practice Self-paced approach to learning. We have recorded children that completed their six-year course in one year.

9. Better supervision by parents

Parents and learning coaches can easily supervise students. Parents can see what the student is doing or has done from a mobile phone. they can view score, attendance, completed and uncompleted assignment, parents do not need to ask for the information, the information is easily accessible from the student’s virtual classroom.  

10. Adult Learners

Some people missed school during the age bracket to be in a particular class for some reasons. It may be odd for them to be in a class with much younger pupils. MMS Online Education has provision for adult learners, our experts in Adult Education (andragogy)  has designed a perfect learning scheme for adults in most cases they finish primary school in less than a year. Most of adult learners were able to complete mid school and high school in less than 3 years.

These clips illustrates teaching with videos and simulations

Below is an illustration of Interactive virtual laboratory

click the tiny vertical dots on the lower right corner of each image above and select full screen to practice with the lab.