MMS Online Education

staff employment process

Thank you for your interest in becoming MMS Online Education  instructor.
Please complete the application form below. If you have all the skills needed to become our instructor it is an added advantage. If you do not have all the skills MMS Online Education will suggest training courses you  may take in our teachers development program after which you can apply for employment.

The  most important skill is that you are a trained teacher with good teaching experience. Again there must be a burning passion in you to teach online. Note that you do not need to resign from your current  job before you teach with us, most of our teachers are currently teaching in various schools and universities

Things You Should Know Before Applying

  •  You should be a qualified teacher with years of experience
  • You do not need to resign your jobs, you can work part time
  • If you are not an online teacher already; we will train you for free.
  • The three skills you need in addition to being Subject Matter  Expert (SME)  are : a. Digital device Literacy. b. Digital media literacy c. Instructional Design and finally a mastery level knowledge of learning management system LMS
  • You can have online access to check on your students at least once in 48 hours
  • Your remuneration is based on how many students you can take and how many subjects that you can teach
  • Note that all learning content will be uploaded to the virtual classroom. The task of a teacher is to monitor the learners progress.  
  • You bonuses and how long you can work  with us depends on your students’ performance  

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