MMS Online Education

Who are our students?

MMS online education learning instructions and activities are designed to address different ways children learn. A child has an option to choose how to learn based on the child learning ability whether its Linguistic – “Word Smart”, Logical-Mathematical ,Spatial – “Picture Smart” Bodily-Kinesthetic – “Movement Smart”,  Musical – “Rhythms and Songs Smart”, Interpersonal – “People Smart” Intrapersonal – “Self Smart” or anything in-between they have a choice.

Advance learner
Advanced learners (also referred to as ‘gifted children”) may find traditional school boring MMS online education encourages them by giving them challenging tasks and encourage them to move ahead with the skim of work without waiting for others such children may complete school earlier than normal period.

Slow learners
Slow learners are given individualized attention. They receive support and encouragement to learn at their own pace.
No disruption of academic calendar
MMS online education is always open 24 hours a day you can access it from anywhere. Transfer or physical restriction does not affect the school

Children of different levels abilities
Instructors abide with accessibility best practice to ensure that children of different levels of ability are taken care of by using various technological alternatives of information presentation

How to become a our student
Take these 3 steps to become a student. 1 click register under Enroll menu to register 2. click apply under enroll menu to fill a form 3. click pay fees under payment to make payment. we will then send a username and password with which you can login as a student and enter your classroom