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MMS Online Education Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on West African Examination Council (WAEC) and British General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) curricula. In addition, the curriculum adopts American system that encourages learners to gain advance skill in digital technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, electric cars, drones, Internet Of Things (IOT) and later technologies. 

The curriculum is developed by a team of experts with decades of experience in researching on how people learn, how people teach and the best way to design learning instructions. They are professors and PhD holders who started life as classroom teachers and rose to the peak of their professions. The curriculum development team include cognitive scientists, master teachers, subject matter experts, researchers, editors/writers, technologists, and interactive interface designers.  The curriculum designers’ team are organized around these sub teams:

  1. Instructional designers: these are experts in learning content presentation. They design how information and activities will be presented to learners to achieve the desired impact in the transfer of knowledge. They work with visual designer’s digital media professionals.
  2. Curriculum experts and lesson developers ensure that lessons are suitable and effective for the targeted audience.
  3. Editors guarantees the accuracy of the information contained in the learning content
  4. Software developers manage the learning portal and the learning management system to ensure that they run efficiently and effectively 24 hours a day. They protect the site against cyber attacks and work to achieve 99.9% server up time

Curriculum downloads

kindergarten (Preschool)

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Primary School  (Grades 1- 6)

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Junior secondary School (Middle School)

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Senior Secondary School (High School)

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Syllabus for professional courses

Digital technology 1x (Computer fundamentals and operating systems)

History of computer, current computer the future of computer, Computer architecture, Windows OS, Linus OS, iOS, Android OS  

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Digital technology 2x (Digital devices and computer literacy) 

Microsoft word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Paint and Draw. Overview of Libra office Docs, Calc, Base, and Impress.

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Digital technology 3x (multimedia literacy)

CorelDraw, CorelPhoto, Info graphics Adobe Photoshop, Audio editing Video editing

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Instructional design and digital technology

Learning theories, Learning Models, Learning Management Systems, Virtual library, Virtual laboratories, Digital technology learning activities  

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